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Cubic Template

Cubic Template

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Cubic Template

Welcome to my first template.
"Cubic", as you can see, is a template with a rotating cube positioned in the middle of the screen.
You can customize a lot of things in two different places: XML file and AS file.
- Easy installation
- Easy and complete customization
- Easy and full commented AS3 code
- Auto resize of the container related to the choosen swf. 
Customizable via XML:
- Buttons -> text, links ( swf or external ), color ( for text, glow color also on rollover!)
- Background -> image path for the section

Customizable via Flash:
- Background image -> enable/disable, enable full screen and tween duration
- Loader -> text color, glow color
- Menu -> margin between buttons, margin between the container and the menu, font-size, interpolation type and duration for showing and hiding it
- Cube -> color, alpha and size
- Content -> border margin, enable/disable and set rotation angle on mouse moving, interpolation type and duration for showing and hiding it and interpolation type for centering elements on resize.

* Sources of sections are not included.



Date Added: Jan 27, 2011

Last update: May 2, 2011

Package includes: FLA, SWF, HTML, XML

Opens with: Flash CS4, Flash CS5

Viewable with: Flash Player 8

AS Version: ActionScript 3.0



License & Pricing

Price: $29.99Type: Paid

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