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Cyborg Chrome

Cyborg Chrome

Rated 0.00/5

A great film effect that can turn any shape in a 3D animation. It has an amazing visual impact, and it's created completely by ActionScript without external images.

With Cyborg Chrome it's very easy to edit your videos, without the need of a special software. You can also add ray-of-light effects to the visual. You can use Cyborg Chrome to show static texts or shapes, show it in a (tweened) moving and scaling way by using a simple XML file.


Date Added: Jan 1, 2011

Last update: Jan 1, 2011


Opens with: Flash CS4, Flash CS5

Viewable with: Flash Player 10

AS Version: ActionScript 3.0


> flash

License & Pricing

Price: $Type: personal

Price: $Type: commercial

Price: $Type: multiple

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